• Relaxing and relaxing BAR ~ "椛" Maple

    The way trees colored and dyed like flowers is called "椛".

    It would be greatly appreciated if you could color the flower called 中 in the memory of everyone's life.

    The shop is an atmosphere in which women are comfortable stopping by women based on harmony.

    Of course, men and men also do not have a single malt as a main bottle from the heart

    I will try to do as much as possible.

    I wonder if the flowers of my heart will bloom together with you in important time and space.

    Please do not miss it.

  • It will be an appearance.
  • It will be in-store photos.
  • It is a picture in the shop.
  • It is an appearance.
  • In-store picture
  • In-store picture
  • ■ Store name: JapaneseBARMomiji

    ■ Address: Hokkaido Asahikawa 4th 6th Street Right 3rd Yoshitake 3rd Building 6F

    ■ Tel / Fax: 0166-21-3678 (during business hours) / 080-5590-2155 (daytime)

    ■ Capacity: 50

    椛 ~ 25 people

    Camellia (VIP room with karaoke) ~ 15 people

    Lotus (Japanese room VIP room) ~ 10 people

    ■ E-Mail:

    ■ Business hours: PM 6: 30 to AM: 0: 00

    ■ Closed holiday: Sunday · holiday

    ※ Please contact us for various meetings, group reservations etc.

    Here is the official home page